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Malatesta Law aggressively fights on behalf of employees who were mistreated by their employers. Los Angeles employment attorney Andrew J. Malatesta has a comprehensive understanding of California employment law. Whether an employee has been discriminated against, harassed, illegally retaliated against, or unlawfully treated in any other way, Malatesta Law can help.

Malatesta Law can provide guidance throughout every stage of the legal process and help the employee make well-informed decisions at each step. The firm can ensure their rights and best interests are fully protected as it pursues the fair and full compensation to which they are entitled. Employees can trust Malatesta Law to provide them with the relentless representation they need and deserve.

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Why Choose Malatesta Law?

Malatesta Law is a law firm that is exclusively dedicated to representing employees in employment law matters. Many firms represent employees in employment law matters while also representing clients in a myriad of different areas of the law. Malatesta Law does not -- Malatesta Law only represents employees in employment law matters.

Since Malatesta Law is exclusively dedicated to representing employees in employment law matters, Malatesta Law has a deep understanding of employment law and knows how to successfully prosecute an employee's case. Malatesta Law's dedicated focus on employment law speaks for itself, as Malatesta Law has recovered millions of dollars for employees who have been subjected to violations of California law.

Here are more reasons to hire Malatesta Law:

  • Malatesta Law relentlessly pursues the best possible results for its clients.
  • Malatesta Law prides itself on having ongoing, and constant, communication with its clients.
  • All cases are personally handled by Andrew Malatesta, Esq.

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