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On-Duty Meal Periods – Are They Legal?

On-Duty Meal Periods – Are They Legal?

By Malatesta Law on November 15, 2018

Generally, an employer cannot employ a non-exempt employee for a period of more than five hours without providing that employee an off-duty meal period of at least thirty minutes.

To be an off-duty meal period, an employee must not be required to work during this time.

There is however a narrow exception in the law that permits, in very limited circumstances, an on-duty meal period.

An on-duty meal period is permissible and lawful only if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The nature of the employee’s work prevents the employee from being relieved of all work duties during his or her meal period;
  2. The employee and the employer agree in writing to an on-the-job meal period;
  3. The written agreement states that the employee may revoke the agreement, in writing, at any time; and
  4. The employee is paid for the meal period.

If all of the above-mentioned conditions are not met and an employer requires an employee to work during their meal period, the employer is violating the law.

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