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California Laws Against Harassment at Work

By Malatesta Law on December 15, 2018

California Constitution Article 1, Section 8

The California Constitution protects against harassment at work, by both public and private employers, on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, and national and ethnic origin.

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Harassment – What Damages May an Employee Be Able to Recover?

By Malatesta Law on December 1, 2018

An employee who is subjected to unlawful harassment is entitled to recover damages under California law. Damages can include economic damages, emotional distress damages, and in certain circumstances, punitive damages.

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Sexual Harassment – Hostile Work Environment Harassment

By Malatesta Law on November 1, 2018

The California Supreme Court has defined “harassment” as “conduct outside the scope of necessary job performance, conduct presumably engaged in for personal gratification, because of meanness or bigotry, or for other personal motives.”

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Sexual Harassment – Quid Pro Quo Harassment

By Malatesta Law on October 30, 2018

Sexual harassment can take the form of an economic “quid pro quo,” that is where an employee’s engagement or non-engagement in sexual behavior is linked to the granting or denial of a tangible job benefit.

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Best Practices: What Should an Employee Do if They Believe They Are Being Harassed?

By Malatesta Law on December 30, 2017

Under California law, it is illegal for an employee to be harassed because of their race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sex, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, and/or military/veteran status.

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Sexual Harassment: What Does the Requirement of Severe or Pervasive Harassing Conduct Mean?

By Malatesta Law on October 15, 2017

To establish a claim for hostile environment sexual harassment, an employee must establish the following:

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What To Do To Pursue A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By Malatesta Law on September 30, 2017

Contact an Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorney Immediately

The first thing that an individual should do if they believe they have been sexually harassed at work is to contact an employment attorney experienced in pursuing sexual harassment claims.

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Who Is Liable When an Employee is Harassed at Work?

By Malatesta Law on August 30, 2017

When an employee is unlawfully harassed at work, the harasser is personally liable for their unlawful conduct and the harasser’s employer may also be liable for the harasser’s conduct.

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Sexual Orientation Harassment: What to Know

By Malatesta Law on March 16, 2017

Harassment based on an employee’s sexual orientation violates California law.

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